Pillars of Productivity

Get the complete blueprint for modern digital productivity.

What's included:

8 lessons with comprehensive instructional videos including in-depth, hands-on demonstrations

Downloadable workbook with all action steps & checklists so you can easily put what you learn into practice immediately

Access to a vibrant online community where you can get your questions answered by peers and course staff

App recommendations and concrete guidelines to help you pick the right productivity tools

7-day 100% money-back guarantee so you can try POP risk-free and decide if it’s right for you

Access for the lifetime of the course including future updates

Answers to your FAQs

How much time do I need to invest to benefit from POP?

We’ve designed Pillars of Productivity to fit your schedule and pace.

While you can watch the video lessons in about two and a half hours, we highly recommend that you follow the action steps to put what you learn into practice.

What tools are used in Pillars of Productivity?

Pillars of Productivity is tool-agnostic, meaning our methodology will work in any software you prefer. The videos in the course will show you examples in different types of apps and we’ll give you concrete recommendations for free and paid tools to use in each lesson.

With that being said, you’re more than welcome to use any other tool that you feel works better for your needs.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no official prerequisites to take Pillars of Productivity. However, we do expect you to be reasonably comfortable with using a computer or smartphone.

How long will I have access to the material?

You’ll have access for the lifetime of the product.

English is not my first language or I have special needs. How can I get the most out of the course?

We’ve done our best to make this course as accessible as possible. Each video has captions so you can follow along more easily, and a complete transcript if you prefer reading. You can use the search function to find and review specific points within each video. We've also added chapters to each video so you can navigate directly to specific sections. This allows you to revisit key concepts or jump to topics that are most relevant to you.

I prefer a paper calendar/notebook/to-do list. Will I get value from the course?

Pillars of Productivity is focused on leveraging digital tools for your productivity because we believe that digital tools provide many advantages over paper, for example:

- Available on your mobile phone that most of us have with us everywhere we go
- Sync data between your devices so you can see the same information on your phone, tablet, and computer
- Link to associated information that is mostly in digital formats (e.g., a PDF, email, or website)
- Easily searchable and reconfigurable
- Data is always backed up and secure

That’s why we encourage you to choose digital tools over paper in our course. With that being said, you might also benefit from some of the methods and guidelines we teach in your paper-based workflow.

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we want the decision to join Pillars of Productivity to be 100% risk-free so you can focus on learning.

If you decide the course didn’t deliver on its promise for any reason, you can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase.

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